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Partner Stephanie Bandoske

I will give you honest legal advice and explore each of your options with consideration of the pros and cons of each choice you can make. I believe it is important to address your case as a whole, considering the financial and emotional concerns. I draw upon life experience, a diverse employment background and experiences from my own practice to achieve my clients’ goals.  I also believe communication is important and will provide my cell phone number to my clients.

Practice Areas: Divorce – Custody – Support-

Stephanie Bandoske offers a wide range of legal services which include: all family law matters including divorce, custody and child support from her office at 500 Lexington Ave., San Antonio, TX 78215.  Please call me at (210)299-4777 to schedule your free consultation.


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Partner Rachel Reuter

Dealing with family-related matters can be extremely difficult, especially if there are children involved. Any type of dispute, even a minor one, can affect a family negatively for years to come. Having an experienced, compassionate and aggressive attorney will help ensure that you receive the representation and support that you need.

Practice Areas: Divorce – Custody – Support

Rachel Reuter –  I am focused on developing solutions that suit your families’ immediate and future needs. My office is located at 500 Lexington Ave San Antonio, TX 78215.  I offer free consultations Monday-Friday, Call (210)299-4777 to schedule your free consultation


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Partner Ashley Butler

I understand that divorce both ends a legal and personal relationship and begins a complex and distinct relationship. The client’s immediate future requires practical legal guidance and knowledgeable negotiations concerning substantive rights, obligations and entitlements. Resolving these very personal needs and issues, whether by agreement or litigation, requires the experienced, balancing and careful consideration of spousal and child support obligations and property division, including business interests, pension and profit-sharing entitlements, trusts and investments.

Ashley Butler helps family resolve matters involving a family member that can leave a family splintered and divided. My office is located at 500 Lexington Ave San Antonio,TX 78215. I offer free consultations Monday-Friday. Call (210)299-4777 to schedule your free consultation.