Collection of benefits is something we take special pride in. Estimates are that thousands of children are due billions  & our we take the fight to dead beats across Texas  You have many options for help to choose from:

Collection issues, that residents of Texas have can be quite bewildering. It can get complex and sometimes people just quit searching for the answers. A good place to start would be to answer some frequently asked questions

Here is a question that is rarely brought up for sure. What happens if the person who is paying dies? Death is never a good thing. However even when the liable person dies, the legal obligation to the child does not die with them. It would be prudent to bring this up in the negotiation phase. Of course you need to have a competent legal team to represent you.

They can make sure that the other side prepares some sort of contingency plan to ensure that the payments do not stop even with the unfortunate death of the liable person.

Payment from the Liable Party

Another frequently asked question is, do I have to receive payment personally from the liable person? The answer in most all cases is no. You do not have to see the person to receive your payment. It is usually made to the court or the Texas Disbursement Unit. This benefits both parties. This is a matter of the court and not a personal matter. It doesn’t matter if both parties are getting along fine now it is a matter that is best handled by the court. There can be no misunderstandings or excuses made when the payment is made to the proper authorities.

Many people ask the question, how can I be sure that I will be paid? A valid question to be sure. In most all cases the other party has the amount deducted from their paycheck When it’s done this way it ensures a reliable way for you to receive the money and it also benefits them as well because there is a record of them paying and the amount they are paying as well. If the other parent is self employed other methods of payment can be worked out by the court and your legal team.

Final thoughts on Collection issues

This is by no means an all inclusive list of pertinent valid questions! These barely scratch the surface to be sure. This should get the wheels turning so to speak. The absolute main thing you need to do is contact a top notch law firm experienced in matters like this. They are the ones with the answers. They have pretty much seen or heard every situation or possible deceit that has come down the pike. They are the ones that can help you through this tough, emotional time.

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