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As humans, we are emotional beings and often as a marriage dissolves, hurt and angry feelings arise getting in the way of coming to terms with the dissolution of marriage suit. Tearing down a relationship brings up lots of painful issues and usually addresses material aspects such as voidable marriage, annulment, property division, or your standard questions. Situations get even harder when custody is involved.  It’s normal to go through a wide range of emotions when dealing with dissolution of marriage.

When a suit is not agreed upon it is called contested.  When the partners agree it is considered anuncontested dissolution of marriage (collaborative).  A Contested dissolution of marriage is one where the two partners cannot agree on several major issues related to the ending of the marriage.  Contested divorces are very common since we each have our own perception of a situation. When this occurs, the couple takes their issues to a court where the court decides on the resolution.

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Issues Regarding A Contested dissolution of marriage

The issues that generally arise in a divorce typically focus on custody and support, property divisionand allocation of debts and alimony/spousal support. These are all complex issues that involve high financial stakes as well as legal procedures that must be addressed in a court of law. These are issues that speak to the subject of dividing community property, which parent will have custody of the children and how much child support and spousal support should be paid. These are great areas of concern and often require the assistance of an experienced legal mind.

The Results of a Contested dissolution of marriage

More often than not, a contested dissolution of marriage will contribute to further resentment, anger and fear, between two people who at one time cared enough to marry and have a family. Unfortunately, while it is common, contested divorces potentially result in a great deal of loss such as loss of business, loss of income, loss of family support, legal bills and seriously impact the children. The cost of a contested dissolution of marriage is far more expensive than just money; the cost affects innocent lives and takes a toll on everyone concerned. One of the reasons a pre-nuptial agreement is used is because it may alleviate the possibility of a dissolution of marriage being contested, but asking someone to sign a property agreement can cause resentment before the marriage ever gets started.

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