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The Truth About Spousal Support And Your Texas Divorce

What was once called “alimony” is now referred to as spousal maintenance or support – and it is increasingly rare. Currently in Texas, family law judges start with a presumption against spousal support. It is considered by many people to be a concept that was left behind when women became active in the workforce. Except in special situations, you are wise to consider it unlikely that you will be granted spousal support or will be required to pay it.

To be well-informed and prevent misunderstandings over this issue, work with a family law attorney who will customize advice to your situation. Bandoske & Butler, PLLC, provides customized counsel and representation in all areas of divorce, including spousal support.

Might Your Divorce Be One Of The Few In Texas To Include Spousal Support?

Many people have the misconception that spousal support is as common as child support. This is most definitely not the case. However, there are a few limited ways to pursue it, namely:

  • After a marriage has lasted 10 years or longer
  • As an aspect of property division
  • When one of the former spouses has been caring for and will continue to care for a child with a serious disability – perhaps a child with a mobility impairment or a severe mental disability – after a marriage in which one parent has stayed home to care for the child
  • When there has been family violence

Even when spousal support may be considered by the court, it is by no means automatic. Long-term stay-at-home parenting is not the norm in today’s world. Society generally expects people to work when they can. Spousal support is not a right but rather a case-by-case feature of a few divorces when it is justified by reasonable, genuine practical and budgetary needs.

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