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When dealing with breakup, the uncontested dissolution of marriage Process is far superior to a contested dissolution of marriage. Why? Because it is much less costly, is simple to get through and more important, it allows for the partners to end their marriage with some sense of dignity intact. Nevertheless, an uncontested dissolution of marriage does not work for everyone.

Of course, in an uncontested dissolution of marriage the divorce process is more time efficient and much less costly than litigation.  The negative impact on children can be minimized avoiding temporary injunctions & restraining order but keep in mind that the legal team you choose cannot represent both parties no matter what your grounds for dissolution of marriage may be.

For ethical reasons, the legal mind you choose must represent only one or the other parties involved. To find out whether you should plan on an agreed dissolution of marriage, annulment or if you have a voidable marriage, contact us right now and get all of your questions answered.

* Remember You Must Meet Texas Residency Requirements Before Filing*.

Choosing A uncontested dissolution of marriage Instead Of A Fight

Although the marriage is coming to and end, some couples are able to recognize the importance of an agreement and therefore when there is a mature approach, very few problems arise in the petition for dissolution of marriage. And even if there are a few disagreements, it doesn’t necessarily mean these issues have to be resolved in a court. In other words, one spouse reaches a decision regarding the terms of the dissolution of marriage without going to trial and the other partner agrees. Naturally, using mediation this process moves faster through the court system. In short, getting past lengthy litigation and trial processes in an uncontested dissolution of marriage leads to far less hostility, plus both parties are usually able to get on with their lives more rapidly.

Preparing for uncontested dissolution of marriage

An uncontested dissolution of marriage can take place much faster than most people realize, especially if both parties are prepared with all the necessary information and both have agreed on the primary issues (dissolution of marriage Definitions ›). We can usually get the dissolution of marriage suit prepared almost immediately and if the intensity of conflict is low, an uncontested dissolution of marriage will be over much faster.

Naturally, even if it is an agreeable or collaborative, each of the parties involved may not concur on everything, but if the practical side of both partners’ kicks in and the desire to get through the dissolution of marriage process is paramount, both parties will compromise and end the marriage easily. If there are some issues, it just means each side needs to spend a little time negotiating before the marriage is dissolved. We will provide you with the best ways to keep calm and rational as that is the best way to get through a very emotional situation.

If you are considering dissolving your marriage, don’t delay, call today to discuss your situation with our  skilled attorneys. My family law office is located in San Antonio, TX and serves the entire State of Texas, call now at (210) 299-4777 or schedule a Free Consultation.

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