LGBT Friendly Divorce Lawyers

We are thrilled to live in the age of marriage equality. However, along with marriage equality comes divorce equality.

Of course, non-heterosexual couples have been separating for a long time. However, the addition of legal marriage means that couples of all sorts now have to navigate the legal system as part of their separation. Divorce brings an additional level of complication, during what is already an emotionally difficult time.

Gay or Straight, Divorce is Difficult

Legally, divorce is the same for heterosexual and homosexual couples. No matter what your orientation, or who initiated the separation, ending a marriage is a challenging time. You once planned to spend your entire life with this person, imagining yourself with them for decades into the future. Even if it is the best choice, the end of a marriage forces you to reimagine the rest of your life. You definitely don’t want to add judgment and homophobia to that environment.

That is why you should make sure to work with a gay-friendly divorce lawyer, someone who will respect your orientation and not imply that the end of your marriage has anything to do with your sexuality. We believe that every relationship is equally valid, and would never discriminate against any of our clients. We have worked with gay and lesbian couples, as well as transgender people and non-binary individuals. Regardless of your gender identity or sexuality, we are here to support you and help you figure out what comes next.

You Deserve Respect

Divorce can come at any time. You may have been with your partner for five years or 50. You may have instigated the separation, or it may have come as a complete surprise. Perhaps the end of this relationship is amicable, and you and your partner believe you can separate smoothly and remain friends. Perhaps you have been fighting for months or years, and you expect the divorce to be contentious and difficult. Whatever your circumstances, our thoughtful and respectful gay-friendly legal team is there to help you.

The divorce process can be lengthy. By the time you speak to a lawyer, you have probably already gone through months of difficult arguing, trying to solve your problems with your partner and then moving out of the home you shared. You still need to figure out how assets will be split up, which is almost always contentious. If there are children involved, you need to determine a custody arrangement. Going through this process is difficult logistically, and difficult emotionally as you process the end of a relationship you once hoped would last forever.

When you are divorcing, the last thing you want to worry about is a lawyer who doesn’t respect your relationship. Regardless of the fact that your marriage is ending, we share a deep respect for your relationship and your love life. You can count on our gay-friendly legal team to help you through this difficult process so that you can move on to the next phase of your life.

Knowledgeable and Caring

As you are dissolving your marriage, you are probably processing many painful things. You may be thinking through important past moments in the history of your relationship, which may also include your experience of coming out to other loved ones in your life, which could have been a negative experience. You probably remember the “highlight reel” of your relationship, good and bad. You may be wondering if you made the wrong choice by marrying this person in the first place. While you are going through all of these painful thoughts, you want to make sure that you come out the other side of the divorce in the best possible place.

Our divorce lawyers are both compassionate (to you) and competitive (to other lawyers). They will help you determine what you want to get out of this divorce and make sure all the legal challenges are dealt with. When you are able to come up for air, you will feel that things are in place for you to move forward. We provide this service for all our clients, regardless of their sexual orientation. If you identify as LGBTQ and are getting a divorce, Bandoske, Butler, & Reuter, PLLC should be your first call.