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Every parent wants to ensure that his or her children have the things they need in life: a safe home, a good school, and the ability to develop their unique talents and skills. Adequate financial support is essential to meeting these needs.

Child Support Attorney Karen MarvelOur San Antonio Child Support Attorneys help mothers and fathers get child support orders that are fair, reasonable, and appropriate to the needs of their children.  Child Support is a serious obligation, if you have concerns, need to establish, modify an order or start withholding child support call (210)299-4777 for a free .

In addition to the initial step of securing child support I also assist parents who need to:

  • Establish an order
  • Modify an existing court order because of changing financial conditions or the changing needs of a child
  • Get help with and
    › of a child support order


In Texas, as in other states, the amount of Child Support a parent will pay is largely defined by the Texas child support guidelines and the amount of time the child is in each parent’s custody.

Judges do have some discretion to change the amount of the order, however, especially when parents have considerable financial assets or when the child has significant needs. It is the role of the San Antonio Child Support Attorney to document for the court why there should be a deviation in the order.

Contact Your Child Support Attorney If Need To Deviate From Child Support Order?

When the needs of the child require it. Some common examples are: a) a child with a medical condition that requires ongoing treatment or b) a child with learning disabilities who needs tutoring or special schools.

Other issues in Texas:

* Parenting
* Child Custody
* Mediation
* Miscellaneous
* Property Division
* Alimony or Spousal Support

The stakes are simply too high. Allow me to bring your case forward. This will protect you should the other parent later claim that you did not pay.

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Published by Arthur Augustine on 2013-08-13