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Clarify Your Child’s Living Arrangements After A Separation Or Divorce

Virtually every parent of minor children who is approaching a divorce or separation worries about how their children will cope with change and how parent-child ties can stay strong.

At Bandoske & Butler, PLLC, our family law attorneys appreciate the sensitive nature of parent-child relationships. We listen attentively as we provide personalized counsel and representation for parents in need of legal clarification of their children’s upbringing in two households.

Understand The Terms And The Law; Pursue Solutions That Work For Your Family

When parents are separated, the presumption in Texas is that each parent will be a “joint managing conservator.” The management of the child’s life is referred to as “possession and access.” Terms such as these describe concepts known in many other jurisdictions as physical and legal custody, visitation and co-parenting. Sometimes another adult, such as a grandparent, may serve as an authorized joint managing conservator.

The children’s best interest is the family law court’s highest standard in such cases. Texas family law courts are not to take gender or marital status into account when determining where children will spend their time after their parents’ divorce or separation. To understand how these presumptions may impact your family’s case, consult with a family law attorney at Bandoske & Butler, PLLC. We have a great deal of experience in this area. We customize advice to fit individual family circumstances.

What Will ‘Possession And Access’ Of Your Children Look Like?

We believe that parents know better than anyone else what the most suitable living arrangements are for your son or daughter. In mediation, collaborative law sessions or settlement negotiations, we can help you work out reasonable solutions. We represent parents in these forums with great respect for their children’s welfare.

In more difficult cases, we are prepared to litigate as necessary with force and skill. To help clients resolve disputes over their children’s possession and care, we gather expert opinions and present compelling cases before judges and juries.

For Personalized Counsel On Child Custody And Support, Contact Us

Ideally, separated or divorcing couples should reach their own agreement about where the children will live and how their financial support will work. Talk with an experienced lawyer about how these things may be decided in your case. To schedule a consultation, call 210-953-8415 or email us.