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Even when it’s what you want, divorce is a difficult transition that weighs you down emotionally. The decisions you make now, however, are critical for protecting your interests and creating a brighter future for your family.

At Bandoske & Butler, PLLC, in San Antonio, our attorneys guide clients skillfully through all aspects of the divorce process. Since opening our doors in 2015, our woman-owned law firm has established a strong reputation for helping clients resolve parenting time, property division, child or spousal support and related issues effectively. Whether it’s through a negotiated settlement or hard-won litigation, we will seek a solution that allows you to spread your wings again.

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Recognition For
Our Two Partners

Our two partners, Stephanie Bandoske and Ashley Butler, are proud of the recognition they have received from client’s testimonials from clients’ testimonials and from within the legal profession. 

Annually since 2016, Stephanie has been included in the list of Texas Super Lawyers, and before that, she was named to the Rising Stars list from 2011-2015. Ashley is currently included in the Rising Stars list and has been recognized in this way since 2018.

Sophisticated Yet Accessible Divorce Representation

Serving you effectively starts by listening closely to your hopes and fears. Once we’ve understood your goals and explained your legal options, our experienced attorneys can point you toward an approach that makes sense for your specific situation. 

If litigation is required, our attorneys have the sophistication, experience and tenacity to handle the most complex or contentious of cases. But if your issues are more straightforward or even uncontested, a different approach may be in order. We can use negotiation, mediation or other alternative dispute resolution procedures effectively to make the changes in your family as smooth as possible.

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What Our Clients Say

Our two partners, Stephanie Bandoske and Ashley Butler, are proud of the recognition they have received from clients’ testimonials and from within the legal profession.

“Great legal team. They assisted me in everything I needed and thanks to them I was able to bring my children home. I would highly recommend B&B!”

—Ricardo Garcia

“She’ll ask the right questions to help organize your case, and save you money and time. I’d give 6-stars right now if I could”

—Kimberlee Lorenz

“Great people helped bring my kids back home. Thanks so much we couldn’t have done it without you.”

—N. Mcc

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