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For Free Consultation With A Skilled San Antonio Divorce Attorney that isSan Antonio Divorce Attorneys Board certified in Family Law call 210-299-4777. With more than 50 years combined experience our attorneys are ready to handle your divorce, child support and/or child custody matter throughout South Texas.

It’s true Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences of anyone’s life, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. You need to retain an experienced San Antonio Divorce Attorney like myself that can make filing the divorce petition as quick and painless as possible .

Hiring an experienced San Antonio Divorce Attorney obviously has it’s advantages over trying to represent yourself, but I understand that an Uncontested Divorce is something many people attempt on their own. Let’s be honest here, if you don’t have assets to fight over or a need for mediation to determine Property Division › then file your own divorce if it seems like a great option.

If you ask around, you will find out that a majority of people that filed without a San Antonio Attorney found the Divorce Process confusing & so frustrating they eventually gave up or would never attempt it again. If you want to get this part of your life behind you as quick or painless as possible call me at (210)299-4777 for a free consultation.

On the other hand, if you’re looking at a Contested Divorce that involves child custody, child support and/or property division you need to hire the best San Antonio Divorce Attorney you can afford. You may not be looking for a fight, but you need to protect yourself & only a skilled San Antonio Divorce Attorney is able to properly represent your interest in family court.

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As a San Antonio Divorce Lawyer Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization I’ve been helping families resolve legal matters since 1992. If you ask my peers they will tell you that I’m one of the toughest divorce lawyers in San Antonio. What does that mean to you, well if your spouse want’s a fight or you want to take the fight to them you need a San Antonio Attorney with the trial experience, knowledge & aggressiveness to stand up against any San Antonio attorney every step of the way .

Assisted by a team of four Divorce Attorneys & my large legal staff you will quickly discover that we are not only aggressive but attentive to our clients needs. We are open 7 days a week & many days I’m finishing up my last free consultation around 10pm.

Let’s be honest here, hiring a San Antonio Lawyer is expensive & the divorce suit will be time consuming. It is always recommended that couples seeking a divorce should try to use whatever means possible to resolve these issues without going to court. However, if the spouses hit an impasse and simply cannot work things out on their own, arbitration and mediation with a Tough San Antonio Lawyer is recommended .

Unlike many San Antonio Divorce Lawyers I’m in family court or mediation every single day & I offer free consultations 7 days a week. Many times we can start your free consult over the phone so don’t hesitate to call me or one of my divorce lawyers at (210)299-4777 or have my 24 Hr website customer service team schedule your consultation.

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Published by Arthur Augustine on 2013-08-13