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Simple, Uncontested Divorce With The Whole Family’s Future In Mind

It is one thing for parents to believe that their divorce can be accomplished without complicated legal maneuvers because they agree on the terms of the divorce. It is quite another to satisfy the family court’s interest in children’s welfare. A simple, uncontested divorce with children must therefore be approached with caution.

With experienced legal counsel, when divorcing parties agree, a simple, uncontested divorce is doable in most cases even when there are mutual children. At Bandoske & Butler, PLLC, our attorneys help clients pursue the paths to divorce that are best for their families.

When Parents Are Reasonable And In Agreement About Their Children’s Welfare

In Texas, “possession and access” is the legal term for the commonly understood notions of custody and visitation. Parents or others such as grandparents who share custody are known as “joint managing conservators.”

Sometimes, parents who are approaching a divorce want to, and are able to, customize the design of custody or parenting time agreements that will work best in their families’ unique circumstances. They do not want to be bound by the usual possession and access schedules recommended by the state of Texas or with standard timetables included in do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce forms.

At Bandoske & Butler, PLLC, our experienced and compassionate divorce attorneys will help you pursue your objective of a simple, uncontested divorce that needs to include a child custody order.

We are ready to help you work with the other parent to put a nonstandard custody schedule in place. For example, you may decide it is best for children to alternate entire weeks in each parent’s household. Through a customized, uncontested custody schedule, you as thoughtful parents can address special issues that matter most in your family, such as summer vacations, holiday traditions and extended family members’ birthdays.

Can Child Support Be Customized In An Uncontested Divorce?

You and your spouse may have unique income parameters to consider for the purpose of child support. For example, you or your spouse may have seasonal times of unemployment (such as teachers with summers off). One or both of you may have specialized income issues, such as tax-free income from the military. One or both of you may be police, fire and other statutory pension employees with income issues that go beyond what can be addressed easily in a typical DIY divorce.

Our attorneys can help you and your spouse arrive at reasonable agreements that you can incorporate in an uncontested, otherwise simple divorce that may include a child support order.

Together, you may address issues such as who pays private school tuition or extracurricular activity fees for traveling sports. If your daughter plays club volleyball or softball, or your son is a wrestler or plays football, you and the other parent can consider the expenses of traveling as well as the sports fees. In negotiations that respect your wish for an uncontested divorce, we can ensure that these details are reasonably accounted for.

Yes, With Kids, Your Divorce Can Still Be Kept Simple

Overall, divorce can often be done simply and fairly quickly even when child custody and support are part of the big picture.

Discuss your hopes and concerns about your uncontested divorce and child issues. Call 210-953-8415 or email us to schedule a consultation at your convenience.