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Insightful Guidance For A Divorce Designed To Protect Your Interests

Virtually no one gets married planning to divorce someday. Yet, approximately half of the marriages in our country end in divorce. If you find yourself preparing to file for divorce or need to respond to your spouse’s divorce petition, you are not alone. Once you have exhausted attempts to save your marriage, you rightly realize that you need legal counsel as the marital split becomes irreversible.

Bandoske & Butler, PLLC, in San Antonio, offers personalized counsel as well as sophistication in representation.

The Way Forward

Just as every individual is unique, so is every marriage – and every divorce. Legally speaking, every divorce involves the division of marital assets. Some divorces include spousal support orders. When there are mutual children in a marriage, child custody and child support orders are also essential.

When we say that we offer personalized client service, this also means that we are equipped to provide personalized divorce solutions. Your unique family circumstances, as well as your expectations and priorities will help us determine the best way to direct your case forward, depending on unique factors such as the following:

We will consider every critical detail as we recommend strategies for your Texas divorce.

Your divorce may be resolved through mediation or settlement negotiations, if that is best for you. We often take on many uncontested divorce cases where litigation is not necessary or advisable. But in cases of conflict, our attorneys use strong litigation skills to protect our clients’ interests and help them achieve their goals.

Start The Dialogue

Our caring, skilled family law attorneys are ready to help you take the next steps. An open-ended discussion about the path ahead will be helpful for you at this time. To schedule a consultation, call 210-953-8415 or complete our online inquiry form.