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Divorce, even under the best of circumstances is hard on everyone involved including the impact on children and therefore it is important that everything go as smoothly as possible. Your legal team should have your best interests at heart and help you through the divorce process in an efficient manner.

We will help lay out your Grounds For Divorce, terms regarding custody, and other aspects that are generally included in a divorce. However, there are many times when one party contests the terms of the suit, which means one of the parties involved may get in the way of the dissolution of the marriage by legal means. In plain and simple terms, one of the parties fights over the terms of the divorcebecause they do not agree with the terms.

If you’d like to learn more about your particular situation whether it involves temporary injunction,restraining order or general questions, contact us and we will help you determine the best way to handle your divorce.

Divorce Is Tough & I Understand That

It is always recommended that couples seeking a divorce should try to use whatever means possible to resolve these issues without going to court. However, if the spouses hit an impasse and simply cannot work things out on their own, arbitration and mediation with a Tough San Antonio Divorce Lawyer is recommended.

In addition, in this time of financial uncertainty,  we strive to reduce fees and costs for my clients wherever possible. Call our office today to arrange a free consultation to discuss your divorce.

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