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When Your Divorce Must Divide High-Dollar Assets

As you approach a divorce involving high-dollar, complex assets, you naturally look for sophisticated legal counsel. Bandoske & Butler, PLLC, has established a reputation for skillful handling of high-stakes property division disputes.

Our lead attorneys, Stephanie Bandoske and Ashley Butler have been practicing together since 2015 and are both listed in Super Lawyers. We have received numerous favorable testimonials from satisfied clients from all walks of life. Our proven effectiveness can inspire your confidence.

We Are Ready To Help You Navigate Many Challenges In A Personalized Way

Your high-asset divorce will likely involve complexities. Our commitment to accessible, personalized counsel benefits our clients during the following processes:

Our mode of operation is all about personal service. Stephanie and Ashley give out their cellphone numbers to clients to facilitate close communication as needed. We make sure that when a client hires a member of the firm, the client has ongoing contact with the attorney they hired. We never engage in bait and switch but rather provide each client with reliable engagement by their chosen hands-on, accessible attorney.

Our firm has established its reputation as a strong litigation firm with an ability to handle complex cases. We spend ample time in the courthouse, vigorously representing clients in difficult cases. We have evolved our practice to be ready to resolve cases in a variety of ways, depending on a client’s particular needs. We faithfully and effectively represent high-asset clients in mediation and settlement negotiations, as well as in the most complex litigation.

Consult With An Attorney Who Understands

Whether you have been the higher-earning or the lower-earning spouse in your marriage, you are justifiably concerned about protecting your rights to a fair settlement. Discuss your concerns and priorities with a lawyer who can guide you efficiently through the process of negotiations, mediation and/or litigation.

Learn how we can protect your interests in all the phases of your high-asset Texas divorce. We advise on related matters that concern many high-asset clients, such as estate planning. Call 210-953-8415 or email us to schedule a consultation.