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Child Custody Can Be A Heated & Emotional Issue

Any time a divorce proceeding involves children, it complicates matters. The relationship you develop with your former partner can greatly impact the development and mental health of your children.

We have declared, the needs of the children are of primary importance. Our goal is to create a win-win situation for parents so they can sustain a lifestyle where their children thrive.

We put my creative talents, experience and insight to use negotiating and developing child custody agreements and parenting schedules that work for families.

We have extensive experience handling complex cases for couples with children, as well as helping parents with:

• Post-judgment modifications of child support  (application)
Child custody and visitation agreements
• Enforcing grandparent rights to visitation

Ideally, it is preferable to handle these matters as privately as possible. For that reason, the collaborative law process may be a preferred method to develop and initial custody and visitation agreement or to negotiate a change in parenting plan.

I realize, however, that people cannot always reach an amicable resolution to Child Custody visitation issues, In such cases we will stand ready to aggressively and zealously pursue their position in court.  It doesn’t matter if it’s establishment, enforcement, modification or an emergency custody hearing we have the legal expertise to vigorously fight for your rights.

If you were able to look into the lives of every divorced couple with children, you would in all likelihood discover that everyone has at one time or another experienced child custody issues.

Having these types of problems is at the very least uncomfortable for most and painful for many. Since our children are so precious to us, it is necessary that we learn how to handle these fragile situations with tact and diplomacy.


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