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Mediation Or Settlement Negotiations For Sensible Divorce Solutions

Some divorces are accomplished with minimal legal maneuvering. This may be possible when spouses agree on how they will divide assets and, if they have children, how they will co-parent. In many other cases, however, significant disagreements persist over how to divide property or how to implement a parenting plan. Resolving those differences can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Negotiations
  • Early settlement
  • Collaborative law
  • Mediation (formal, third-party mediation or informal mediation facilitated by our attorneys)
  • Trial

Bandoske & Butler, PLLC, is equipped to manage any path to divorce efficiently and in our clients’ best interests.

The decision about whether to use traditional litigation or an alternative approach depends on the facts as well as on couples’ ability to reach understandings without a legal fight. Mediation is not required, but family law courts strongly recommend it except in cases involving domestic violence. Mediation is also a prerequisite for a jury trial – a forum typically reserved only for high-conflict, high-asset divorces.

Can You And Your Spouse Resolve The Terms Of Your Divorce On Your Own?

Many couples approach divorce believing that they can reach agreements between themselves without the intervention of lawyers or mediators. However, do-it-yourself negotiations often omit or mishandle essential matters, such as:

No matter how earnestly a divorcing couple tries to reach a settlement on their own, such attempts often don’t work out. It is safer in many cases to work with an experienced lawyer. The divorce attorneys at Bandoske & Butler, PLLC, are adept in all procedural possibilities. We are committed above all to securing what’s best for each client. Our attorneys can help you negotiate or mediate your case with your goals and priorities at the forefront.

Turn To Trusted Family Law Professionals

Since 2015, we have worked together to meet the needs of our clients facing divorce and other family law challenges. We look forward to hearing from you. Let us explain mediation and settlement negotiation options that may be suitable for your Texas divorce.

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