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What challenges do wealthy couples face?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2021 | Divorce

It is conventional wisdom that money does not buy happiness, but the truth is a little more complicated. While not enough to create a healthy relationship on its own, your wealth can be a stabilizing factor for your relationship.

In other words, when you and your spouse are well-off, you may not experience romantic conflict triggered by financial strain. When conflict does arise, you may have the emotional resources needed to nurture the relationship because financial stress has not depleted it. Nevertheless, wealthy couples can experience certain stressors in their relationships, which may be significant enough to lead to divorce.

Work-life balance

You and your spouse may be wealthy because you work demanding, high-paying jobs. These can be very stressful, and the stress may spill over and affect the relationship. When a job is a source of status and identity, it can be difficult for one spouse to detach and be present for the other.

Reduced interdependence

Not only can a high-paying job be stressful, but it can also require you and your spouse to spend significant time apart from one another. You may have to take business trips that last days or even weeks at a time. When you spend a lot of time apart from one another, it can reduce your interdependence. In other words, you no longer feel that your spouse’s outcomes, whether positive or negative, affect you. The same may be true from your spouse’s perspective.

Psychology Today describes these specifically as stressors in the relationships of celebrity couples. However, they may still be present in your relationship even if you and your spouse consider yourselves “ordinary” people.