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Month: August 2022

Who gets the art collection in a divorce?

If you own valuable art, whether you are an artist or collector, deciding who should receive it in your divorce may become contentious. When you and your spouse can not agree on how to divide valuable assets, such as art, the court will make the decision based on the...

How do spouses try to hide assets?

When going through a divorce, asset division may serve as one of the most difficult and contentious parts. Unfortunately, a spouse may sometimes make this even harder through acts like hiding assets. But what exactly is this? How may a spouse attempt to carry it out,...

3 tips for managing shared custody

As a parent, your children's needs are a top priority. This does not change during your divorce or after. According to the Mayo Clinic, a relationship with both parents is essential to a child's development and growth. While shared custody can be a challenge, here are...

Types of child custody arrangements

One of the toughest and most complicated parts of going through a divorce is dealing with custody arrangements for minor children. There are several factors that go into determining these arrangements, including the financial and mental health statuses of each parent...