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Month: April 2022

4 tips for coping with the shock of divorce

The decision to divorce can produce an emotional shock to your system. This is true whether you are the one who decided to seek the divorce or it was your spouse's decision that comes as a complete surprise to you. The emotional chaos of the moment can be...

Can you end your second marriage quickly?

Ending your first marriage is gut-wrenching. Ending your second marriage can be downright embarrassing. If the second time was not the charm, you likely want to get through the separation process as fast as possible. Unfortunately, not everything can be fast. After...

Can high conflict divorces impact your kids?

Divorce is a painful and difficult experience not only for the adults involved but also for the children. Unfortunately, they sometimes go overlooked in the heat of the moment. But in almost any divorce situation, children will end up impacted by the split itself....