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Month: February 2022

3 common financial issues in a divorce

A hurdle for some considering divorce is the financial ramifications. It not only forces couples to divide up property and debt, but it also takes away an income source. Marital finances become front and center in a divorce. It is a significant source of concern for...

Different avenues lead to a divorce decree

You may believe that the only way to get a divorce is by standing in front of a judge and airing all of your family's dirty laundry. While a divorce ends with a judge's signature, there are different paths to getting there. How you and your spouse arrive at the...

Your divorce and managing finances alone

Debt can create stress and financial strain especially if you are going through a divorce. Knowing that you will now need to shoulder financial responsibilities alone may only exacerbate your uncertainty about the future. Recognizing that divorce will impact your...

Do you have to litigate a divorce?

You may know that you have options for settling your divorce in Texas. There are several different ways to dissolve a marriage that do not involve litigation. Finding the best divorce process for you and your spouse depends on your situation. If you do not have child...