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Nesting can minimize your children’s stress during a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | Child Custody

As a parent, you understand your children will likely not be happy with your Texas divorce. Little ones and teens do not respond well to change. In addition to dividing assets and dealing with everyone’s emotional rollercoaster, you must make decisions about custody and the family home. You may feel pressure to get through the divorce and move forward, hoping your kids can bounce back. However, birdnesting provides an option for many parents that helps children ease into the divorce and give parents breathing room to make the right decisions for the family.

Psychology Today reports that birdnesting, also called nesting, is a way for divorcing parents to help their kids get used to a different family dynamic. Instead of the kids moving between households when parents live separately, they stay in the family home, and the parents move between households. When not “on-duty,” the parents stay elsewhere, either in their own place or with a friend or relative. This separation model has several benefits.

Focus on the children

Uprooting your kids from familiar surroundings can be detrimental to all aspects of their lives. It can result in poor behavior, a dip in grades, and confusion. Nesting lets them slowly adjust to your family’s changes. They go home to the same house every night and get used to spending time with one parent. Without the tension between spouses on the edge of divorce, the atmosphere often remains calm.

Experience single parenthood

Being a single parent has pros and cons. Regardless of how much time you spend with your children one-on-one before the divorce, now you are entirely responsible for them during their time with you. From getting meals and handling cleanup to homework and chores, it is all on you. By having some time “off-duty,” you can slowly get used to being a single parent, and all that entails.

Nesting allows you to keep the family home and still have your own space while working through the divorce. It gives you the time needed to work out custody and property division without rushing through the details. This can be beneficial for everyone in the long run.