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Is nesting a good option for everyone?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Child Custody

As a divorcing parent trying to figure out how to make things work, you have likely heard of the option of nesting before. Bird nesting has many benefits and offers a reasonable housing solution to many families out there, but does it suit everyone?

Unfortunately, some situations simply will not benefit from bird nesting. It is important to understand if yours falls into that category before fully committing.

Trusting your co-parent

Divorce Mag looks into the most common benefits associated with nesting. Nesting, or bird nesting – named after the way birds raise their young – involves the child staying at the family home while the parents take turns living with them. This directly contrasts the more common model in which the child travels between their parent’s homes by a custody schedule.

Of course, if you want nesting to work out, it depends on several factors. First, can you trust your co-parent alone in the family home with just your child? Do you feel comfortable leaving them on the property essentially unsupervised?

A two-home living situation

Second, do you have the money for it? Bird nesting requires the “off duty” parent to live elsewhere for the duration of their co-parent’s time in the family home. This means you need to have other accommodations like a small apartment. You could also set up temporary arrangements with friends or family members, as nesting often serves as a temporary measure and not a permanent housing situation.

It also does not always work for families who do not live in the same city, state or even country. Paying for two separate state taxes and handling the legal matters associated with having two official residences at once often creates headaches in its way.

Thus, it is up to you to do your research and decide whether nesting will work for you. Maybe it will work for a short period, but it may not work at all, or it may end up serving as the ideal solution.