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How can you avoid stress and fights during property division?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Property Division

No matter what struggles you have during divorce, dividing up property can leave you overwhelmed.

You and your ex-spouse may continually feel frustrated and fail to discuss this topic calmly. Keeping a few habits in mind can help you to focus on the process and avoid wasting time on arguments.

Pick a common area to talk

According to Psychology Today, discussing shared property and heirlooms during a divorce can lead to continued fights and other situations that make it hard to find common ground with your ex-spouse. Since your assets and money are sensitive topics, you may want to find a neutral place to talk instead of a house or apartment.

Asking a third party to sit with you can also help if you or your ex-spouse’s temper feels hard to control.

Find a hobby

Feeling overwhelmed by stress during a divorce is a common worry, which is why finding positive and new activities to do in your free time is important. When you finish discussing property division, take time out for yourself.

Whether you want to exercise while walking outside or take an art class, having a stress-free hobby in your life can help you come back to important discussions with a clear mind.

Ask for advice

Talking to close friends and family members may help you get the understanding you need. When you feel the urge to get upset at your ex-spouse, take a deep breath and try to contact someone you care about.

Learning about stress relief techniques and other ways to keep yourself relaxed during this tense time can help you as you talk about property division.