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Does wealth change divorce amiability?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2022 | Property Division

When going through divorce, many couples are reluctant to approach asset division. After all, this is one of the more historically contentious aspects of a split.

Some people believe that couples with more assets will have a lower rate of amiability. But how does this stack up in reality?

Rate of fights in wealthy couples

Business Insider talks about amiability as tied to assets. Though many people believe that those with higher assets have lower rates of amiable divorce, this is not necessarily true.

In fact, while upper-middle-class couples do fight more than everyone else, this does not hold true for the wealthiest of couples. Rich couples with a net worth of over $5 million have the highest rate of amiable divorce compared to every other wealth bracket.

Financial stability matters

How is this the case? Simply put, it might be financial stability rather than a strict asset amount that determines how rocky a divorce will be.

In short, upper-middle-class couples have enough money to live comfortably. However, they do not necessarily have enough to survive through a financial emergency, which a divorce could potentially be. Thus, with the fear of losing the comforts they know, they lash out and get into more intense arguments with their spouse.

On the other hand, wealthy couples have enough money that they do not feel this insecurity. Thus, they can focus on other matters instead.

Of course, personality plays a role, too. Some couples are simply more prone to fighting than others. But it is undeniable that financial insecurity and instability and the stress it brings along with it has a notable impact.