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How do assets factor into divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Property Division

When going through the divorce process, some things tend to spark arguments more than others. This typically includes matters like child custody or visitation rights and alimony payments.

In general, assets make up a huge number of arguments during and even before the divorce. But how exactly do assets factor in?

Financial insecurity and arguments over assets

Business Insider states that assets impact arguments in divorce greatly. For example, the upper-middle-class category of divorcees has more arguments than almost any other class when it comes to asset division.

This is due to a combination of living affluently while also still having something to lose. Many of these couples experience financial insecurity because they have a lot of money, but not enough to guarantee their comfortable lifestyle if a divorce goes poorly.

Low versus high net worth

Couples with less than $1 million in joint assets tend to fight a lot over assets too, though it is not because they live comfortably. For many of these couples, they have a genuine fear of being unable to continue supporting themselves if they cannot keep the same level of assets.

On the other hand, couples with over $5 million in net worth actually tend to fight less over assets. This is again likely because of financial security. These couples have enough that they know one bad divorce will not interfere too greatly with their style of living.

Thus, assets and financial stability in particular will often weigh heavily into whether or not a couple will find it worthwhile to fight tooth and nail over their assets.