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Standing up for your custody rights as a father

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Child Custody

The end of marriage can present many hardships, especially if you have kids. On top of financial worries, court-related stress and your property, you could have serious concerns about child custody or visitation. As a father, it is essential to make sure that you secure a fair outcome with respect to custody matters.

Additionally, you should not feel hopeless or assume that custody always goes to a child’s mother. In fact, statistics show that more and more fathers have become custodial parents when compared to the past.

Many fathers secure custody rights

The U.S. Census Bureau published a report on custodial parents, and they say that fathers have represented a higher proportion of custodial parents in recent decades. In fact, 16% of custodial parents in 1994 were fathers, but this increased to 20.1% during 2018. For fathers in the middle of a child custody dispute, this data should serve as a source of encouragement and hope. Courts go over many factors when deciding how to award custody, but do not always automatically award custody to a child’s mother.

Enforcing your custody and visitation rights

Aside from pursuing a positive outcome during a custody dispute, you should handle other custody issues carefully as well. If your child’s other parent refuses to cooperate with the terms of a court order regarding child custody or visitation, it is paramount to stand up for your rights. You should review your options and take a look at how the state enforces these orders. When it comes to your relationship with your child, it is vital to protect your rights as well as their best interests.

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