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Tips for starting a new relationship as a divorced parent

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2023 | Divorce

Finding love and happiness with a new partner after divorce is exciting. However, dating as a single parent can also be emotionally and logistically challenging.

While dating can be tricky for single parents, there are ways to make it easier for your whole family.

Work through your feelings

Entering a new relationship when you are still struggling with resentment or trauma from your divorce is generally unfair to all involved. Take the time to grieve the end of your marriage first to ensure that you start your new romance off on the right foot.

Be honest with your partner and your ex

Let your new partner know right away that you have children and that they are your first priority. Honesty is the most respectful approach, and it prevents you from wasting time and energy with someone who may not understand or respect your priorities.

When you begin seriously dating someone, it is a good idea to let your ex know. You should avoid letting your ex hear the news from your children, as this places your children in an awkward position and may create tension between you and your co-parent.

Introduce your new partner slowly

Introducing a new partner to your children is a major step that you should only take when you are confident that the relationship has long-term potential. When you decide it is time to make the introduction, consider doing it in a neutral setting, such as a playground or restaurant. A fun group activity like hiking or visiting an amusement park can help put everyone at ease.

Entering a new relationship as a single parent can be intimidating, but taking things slowly and respecting your children’s feelings can help make the transition easier.