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What are signs of asset hiding?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Property Division

Asset division is one of the hardest parts of divorce for many couples, especially those without children.

Some spouses may make it even harder by attempting to hide assets. Fortunately, there are almost always signs to keep an eye out for.

Changes in finance discussions

Forbes discusses hiding assets in divorce. A person will usually do this with the intention of keeping those assets away from the court, so they do not have to share a portion with their partner.

They may hide assets in numerous ways, and in fact, people get very creative when it comes to asset hiding in general.

However, there are some giveaway signs that a spouse may have resorted to this. First, their behavior towards finances will usually change. Specifically, their openness about their own finances.

You may suddenly find that your spouse does not even want to share shopping receipts with you, or refuses to share any information at all without an affidavit. This could indicate that they have something to hide.

Different spending behaviors

Likewise, you might notice their spending behaviors changing. Have they suddenly started spending much more? This could actually indicate that they are engaging in a typical activity that many use to hide assets. This includes buying big-ticket, expensive items, and intending to return or sell them after the divorce to get their money back without ever having to divide it.

If you notice these behaviors, consider contacting a forensic financial advisor to see what your options are about digging more into the matter.