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Revisiting child support arrangements in Texas

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Child Support

Child support arrangements are vital to ensure the well-being of children following a divorce or separation. However, circumstances change, and the existing child support agreement may no longer serve the best interests of the child or the parties involved.

This blog will discuss some of the reasons why one might request changes to a child support amount in Texas.

Significant changes in income

One of the most common reasons for requesting a change in child support is a significant change in either parent’s income. If the parent making payments has a substantial increase in income, the other parent may request a change to ensure the child benefits from this increased financial capacity. Conversely, if the paying parent experiences a significant decrease in income, they may request a reduction in payments to reflect their current financial status.

Changes in the child’s needs

Another reason to request changes to the child support amount is a significant change in the child’s needs. This could be due to the child’s age, health, educational requirements or any other factors that impact the cost of their care. For example, if a child develops a health condition that requires expensive treatment, a parent may request an increase in child support to help cover these additional costs.

Procedures for requesting changes

To request a change in child support in Texas, one must file a petition with the court that issued the original order. The court will review the request, considering the best interests of the child and the circumstances of both parents. It is essential to provide evidence to support the request, such as documentation of income or proof of changes in the child’s needs.

Understanding these reasons and the procedure for requesting changes can help ensure the child support arrangement continues to serve the best interests of the child.