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How does a high-conflict divorce affect kids?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2021 | Divorce

When your Texas marriage ends, there may be hurt feelings on both sides. If the marriage ended because one of you stepped outside the marriage, things between you may prove especially ugly and acrimonious. However, if the two of you share children together, it may serve them well if you work to reduce the degree of conflict within your split as much as possible.

Research shows that the more contentious the relationship is between you and your child’s other parent, the more your child suffers.

How high-conflict parental relationships impact kids

Studies show that it is not so much the decision to divorce that impacts your child, but rather, the degree of antagonism and contentiousness that exists between you and the other parent. In fact, contentiousness between you and your child’s other parent tends to have an effect on him or her, regardless of whether you are in a marriage or already divorced.

How to minimize conflict in your split

Many former partners find that they are able to eliminate many causes of disagreements by creating a parenting plan. The plan dictates how you plan to raise your child together. A strong parenting plan leaves little open to interpretation. In addition to creating a parenting plan, you may also want to come up with an agreed-upon system for working your way through future disputes.

Sometimes, your children feel the effects of your relationship with their other parent because you have yet to work through your emotions, yourself. In this scenario, you may want to consider securing emotional support through a therapist or support group.