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Tips for managing conflict in a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2022 | Divorce, Property Division

In an ideal world, all divorces would be amicable, but in reality, disputes over custody and property division can cause significant friction between you and your former partner. A high-conflict divorce can cause children to suffer and make co-parenting difficult.

As you navigate your split from your spouse, these tips can help you reduce conflict and manage the effects of disputes.

Protect your children from the conflict

According to a 2019 study from World Psychiatry, children of divorce were more likely to experience a depressed mood and academic problems. You can help to mitigate these impacts by shielding your children from any disputes between you and your spouse. This means that you should never speak badly about each other to your children or in their hearing. You should also present a united front as co-parents.

Communicate through mediators

If you and your former partner have trouble talking in person without the conversation turning into an argument, you may want to turn to other methods for communication. One option is to rely on a mediator, particularly for highly contentious subjects.

Priortize and compromise

When emotions run high, every battle can feel essential. However, if you can take a step back from the conflict and prioritize those things that are truly most important to you, you can often find areas where you can compromise. For example, there is likely some piece of marital property that is more important to your spouse than you. Letting your spouse have that item will make them more likely to compromise with you on the things you care most about.

Even when you take steps to reduce conflict in your divorce, disagreements are often inevitable. A calm and rational approach to these disputes will help to ensure an outcome everyone can be happy with.