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Can you end your second marriage quickly?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Divorce

Ending your first marriage is gut-wrenching. Ending your second marriage can be downright embarrassing. If the second time was not the charm, you likely want to get through the separation process as fast as possible. Unfortunately, not everything can be fast. After filing for divorce, Texas requires a 60-day cooling-off period under Family Code 6.702. If you are still ready to split after that time, you likely will not want to wait any longer to move forward.

It sounds like a fantasy to settle outside of court, but it is possible. How do you know if an uncontested divorce will work for you?

You have no children

You do not need to worry about custody or child support arrangements with no kids. Custody issues cause a lot of drama between exes, and the lack of minor children speeds things along considerably. But, kids are not the only consideration. If you and your spouse adopted an animal together, you need to agree on the living arrangements for your beloved pet.

You have separate accounts

Many second marriages are short-lived, and couples may not have had the time to join accounts. Separate finances work in your favor by making asset division simple. However, many couples co-sign on mortgages, car loans and student loans. You will need to agree on dividing any such debt incurred during the union.

Though you may not need to go to court, working with a divorce attorney is always in your best interest. An experienced legal team will help smooth out any unforeseen wrinkles in the process.