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How can you discuss divorce with your spouse?

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2023 | Divorce

It is always challenging to decide to get a divorce. In New Jersey, a divorce is called a dissolution. Married couples, domestic partners and individuals in a civil union can all file for dissolution.

Finding the right words to tell your spouse you want a divorce can be tricky. While you may have valid reasons to bring up divorce or dissolution, considering your partner’s emotions is just as important. If you still find yourself wanting a divorce after all efforts to make the relationship work have been exhausted, here are some ways you can do to begin the discussion with your partner:

Reflect on what you want to say

Bringing up divorce can give you jitters. That is why it is essential to calm your mind and reflect properly on what you want to say. Try to anticipate what questions your spouse may ask and prepare answers to these possible questions.

Choose your words carefully

It can be in your best interest to be as honest and transparent as possible, but this does not allow you to be tactless. Choose your words carefully when speaking to your spouse about divorce. Avoid bringing up their faults, mistakes, or behaviors that you did not like about them. Doing so will only bring bitterness to an already difficult conversation.

Seek divorce mediation

If you cannot reach out personally to your spouse and talk about divorce, for whatever reason, it is best to seek the guidance of a divorce mediator. A divorce mediator will help prepare a neutral ground for you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse to discuss dissolution.

You may also seek legal advice for further guidance on dissolving your marriage. If you find it helpful to discuss things with your spouse, you can prepare for the discussion by reflecting on how you want to discuss ending the marriage and being mindful of what you would like to bring up.