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Can conflict from a previous marriage affect a new relationship?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2023 | Divorce

It goes without saying that divorce can be a highly contentious affair and that the conflict between yourself and your ex-spouse can bubble under the surface long after the divorce is final. If you eventually choose to pursue a new romantic relationship, that dormant feeling of conflict can rear its ugly head again.

If you come from a contentious marriage, that history might influence the way you approach romance as well as the way you choose to integrate your new partner into your family dynamic. You can make the healthiest choices for your current relationship by understanding how prior conflict can come into the picture.

How a history of conflict can affect new relationships

Individuals who experienced frequent conflict in a previous relationship might be wary about opening up to a new partner, all the more so if that previous relationship was a long-term marriage. This can affect your new relationship in that the pace of relationship development may be particularly slow, necessitating patience from both you and your partner.

How a new relationship can affect your co-parenting dynamic

If you share a child with your ex-spouse, then it is possible that a new relationship might cause a stir in your co-parenting dynamic. A co-parent who harbors lingering resentment might make it difficult for you to expose your child to your new partner. Similarly, a child who witnessed conflict between you and your ex-spouse might be hesitant to accept a new person into the family.

Conflict from a previous marriage can continue to affect many aspects of your life, including future relationships. Making a new relationship work might require you to revisit your parenting plan or undergo mediation with your ex-spouse to help make your existing family dynamic work in tandem with your new relationship.