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Can what you share online negatively impact your divorce case?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2023 | Child Custody, Divorce, Property Division

Filing for a divorce does not automatically terminate your marriage. It is a legal process that involves settling multiple issues. If you and your spouse will not be able to work together to resolve your disputes, court intervention may be necessary. When that happens, you both need to present your arguments to a judge, which can sometimes even lead to trial.

Therefore, you must ensure you do not give your spouse evidence to use against you before you finalize your divorce. That includes being extra careful with what you share online. Below are examples of things you should avoid posting during your divorce.

Pictures and videos suggesting a new romantic interest

One of the reasons a person files for divorce is that they have fallen out of love with their spouse and fallen in love with someone else. However, it does not mean that is the primary reason you chose to divorce your spouse. You and your spouse may have been unable to reconcile your difference long before divorce became an option.

Even though you both agreed to a divorce, you should avoid getting into a new relationship until you receive a final decree of divorce from the court. Adultery is one of the grounds for divorce in Texas, and your spouse can use any evidence of infidelity as leverage in court.

Pictures and videos of lavish trips and expensive purchases

The dissipation of marital assets happens when a spouse spends marital property wastefully or excessively. Sharing extravagant vacations and luxury items online can make it look like you are dissipating the assets that belong to the marriage. It could significantly impact the distribution of marital property, especially when valuable assets are at stake.

Pictures and videos that include alcohol or drugs

If you are a parent looking to obtain sole or joint managing conservatorship of your minor children, engaging in risky behaviors can undermine your parental abilities in court. While it is not illegal to have a drink, posting about it could result in devasting consequences to your divorce or child custody case. Your spouse could make you appear reckless and irresponsible despite fulfilling all your parental responsibilities to your kids.

A divorce can start as a mutual and amicable decision between two spouses, but sharing things online that can trigger your spouse may cause them to retaliate. Remember, a screenshot can paint a thousand negative words about you in court.