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4 non-monetary contributions that impact divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2024 | Divorce

In the realm of divorce proceedings in Texas, monetary assets often take center stage.

It is also important to recognize the significance of non-monetary contributions. They play a role in the division of assets and property.

1. Homemaking contributions

Homemaking, a cornerstone of family life, is a non-monetary contribution that holds substantial weight in divorce cases. The effort and time invested in maintaining a household, from cooking and cleaning to childcare, are valuable contributions. Texas courts recognize the importance of homemaking duties and may take them into account when determining the equitable distribution of assets.

2. Parental responsibilities

The non-monetary contributions related to parenting become a key consideration. Raising and nurturing children demand time, energy and emotional investment. Courts in Texas acknowledge these non-financial contributions and may factor them into the decision-making process regarding child custody and support.

3. Career sacrifices

In some cases, a spouse may sacrifice a career for the benefit of the family unit. Non-monetary contributions in the form of forsaken career opportunities or delayed professional growth can impact the court’s assessment of the division of assets.

4. Educational contributions

Educational contributions, whether through direct financial support or non-monetary assistance, are another aspect of divorce proceedings. Supporting a spouse’s education or contributing to a partner’s professional development is an investment in the family’s future. Texas courts may consider these non-financial contributions when determining the fair distribution of assets.

Even with a low divorce rate of 1.4 divorces per 1,000 in 2021, many Texas couples know that dissolving their marriage is the best option for them. While working toward an equitable split, the courts will also factor in non-monetary contributions.