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How can a parent in Texas increase their allowed parenting time?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2024 | Child Custody

Conservatorship (child custody in Texas) is something that is a huge source of attention for parents in Texas when separating or divorcing. It is important for children and both parents to have time together. 

Unfortunately, there are situations where a custody arrangement may limit one parent’s involvement with their child’s life. If this happens, they may wonder if there are ways to increase their allocated parenting time. The good news is this may be possible. Some options to consider are found here. 

Understanding custody laws

In Texas, custody is referred to as conservatorship, which can be joint or sole. Looking at Texas Family Code, it is necessary for parents to understand their custody rights and options.

Negotiating with co-parents

Open communication and negotiation with the co-parent are essential for increasing parenting time. Collaboratively exploring scheduling options and considering the child’s best interests can lead to mutually beneficial arrangements.

Demonstrating parental involvement

Actively participating in children’s lives by attending school events, medical appointments and extracurricular activities can demonstrate commitment to parental involvement. Courts often consider this involvement when determining custody arrangements.

Maintaining a positive co-parenting relationship

Fostering a positive relationship with the co-parent reduces conflict and facilitates cooperative co-parenting. Encouraging frequent communication, respecting each other’s parenting styles and prioritizing the child’s needs can contribute to a harmonious co-parenting dynamic.

Seeking court modification

When circumstances change, such as a parent’s relocation or a child’s evolving needs, seeking a modification of custody orders may be necessary. Presenting compelling evidence of increased parental involvement and demonstrating the benefits to the child’s well-being can support a request for more parenting time.

Increasing parenting time in Texas requires proactive communication, cooperation with the co-parent and adherence to legal procedures. By prioritizing the child’s best interests and demonstrating commitment to parental involvement, parents can optimize their time with their children and nurture strong family bonds.